Crazy Summer

My blog is starting to get that whole, “I’m so busy, I just can’t do my projects,” vibe. So, I’m not going to say much about it. Suffice to say, the summer has been nuts between weddings and department changes that I haven’t been able to do all that much. The school year starts this coming Monday, and things should settle back into a decent schedule.

Onward and forward with the projects!


I’ve got company this weekend. It’s graduation weekend for colleges here in Southwestern Michigan, and I was just informed that one of my best friends, and her family, will be in town for her brother’s graduation. He just joined the military, and was finally informed he would be able to attend the graduation service from the college he attended prior to joining. Considering how complicated finding hotels should be at this point, I offered my house to them! YAY! I’m honestly not too worried, and am actually kind of excited because I’m going to try out some new recipes!

Now, don’t get me wrong. I know making new recipes when company is in is a very bad idea. Case in point: doing more than just stir-fry when my sister and her husband came for a visit. Lessons learned: Meijer does not have a good ethnic foods section, and if it doesn’t look how you expect the end result to be, don’t assume it will get there.

This time, my plan is more average type meals. There are a lot of recipes floating around in Pinterest, and other sites, that just plain look delicious, simple, and just need some tweaks to be eaten by Vegetarians who eat *gasp* more than veggies! So, my intention is to spend today working on how to translate those meals into something my company and I can eat, and then post about the results!

“Why?” you ask.

Because, while there are all kinds of recipe sites and blogs running around, it is still extremely difficult to find someone who understands me and my family’s dietary habits. Just because I am a vegetarian doesn’t mean I want to eat quinoa and veggies every meal. I don’t like spinach, nor do I want to put pesto sauce on everything. And, to bring the point home, vegetarian doesn’t mean vegan. I like my cheese, milk, and eggs. Yes, I eat tofu…the way they make it at Chinese restaurants…but I also like my scrambled eggs. And no, I don’t want to eat boiled eggs on everything. Who does that, really?

Picture of Chicken and Rice Dish

This chicken and rice crock pot dish looks so delicious! Why aren’t there any recipes that say how to do the same thing, but vegetarian? There is faux-chicken out there! And you can make broth that isn’t chicken soup! I intend to find out the information I need to make this dish, as a vegetarian, and share it with others who may be looking for that same idea, but don’t don’t know what to do to alter the recipe for vegetarian dining.


On a side note…I did not get to that list in my previous post with as much gusto as I had planned. Bouncing back from them funks is just plain difficult. Postponed both kid’s photoshoots. So, that helps. Haven’t touched my NaNoWriMo writing except to start an outline, maybe. It’s just been a strange couple of months.

Illness Is Annoying

Beyond being in a funk/vedge mode for two weeks and getting nothing productive done, I got a stomach bug this weekend, throwing off the first couple days of NaNoWriMo. Go figure.

Anyhow, I’ve adjusted the numbers so now I have to get 115 words a day to meet my goal. Still hoping to go over it. We’ve shuffled some photoshoots around, which lightens my load some, as well as the others involved. So, before our trip out west in June, there is just Tina and Justin’s photoshoots. I plan on buying what I need for Justin’s over the weekend, as well as figuring out what I actually want to do for them both for sure. This also means my big project time blocks will be spent working on Justin’s costume for the next couple weeks, beyond NaNoWriMo.

My main goals for the month are thus:

  • Life With Thalia: Pilot – Finish Editing and upload by April 17th (uploaded with QC’s first episode, which is finished)
  • Justin’s Costume and finalizing plans/ideas for Photoshoot April 22nd
  • Finalizing plans/ideas for Tina’s Photoshoot April 24th
  • Bidwell/Green Wedding Website Work (Aiming to Finish April 30)
  • Life with Thalia: 2nd Episode – Written, maybe recorded by April 30
  • Halaya Song Series Book 1: Goal of 25,000 words written during Camp NaNoWrimo/April
  • Hera: Keep working on the outline, etc and playing with the tablet during the month of April

Will likely have to move these to May:

  • Sis and Neil’s Anniversary Photos
  • Em and Ava’s Sister Photoshoot
  • CeCe’s Photoshoot Edits: I want to work on them this month, but I’ll likely have to have a date of end of May for a goal to finish them
  • Start First sketches for Hera and Lilo and Stitch: Space Cadets

On a different kind of up note: I’ve mostly caught up on my less fun work tasks and can almost jump back into the design fun! Need to make some changes to the appearance of the AU Syllabus plugin, and then do some playing around with a framework for the Moodle 3 Plugins, and make notes for fun features we can do this time around.

Took the girls outside the other day. HA! I’ll have to probably try taking them out one at a time instead of all three together for one. I thought maybe Ziva would be happier if all three went out together, versus her going outside while her demon sisters were inside, making it seem like she was getting removed from her castle or something. Ha! Didn’t work that way. And they are far too much work to try more than one at a time. But, I’m going to have to make them do it more often, because Ziva legitimately has forgotten she likes visiting the outdoors. I don’t know. I’ll get it figured out. They are ridiculous, that is for certain.

And We’re Off!

Updates, All Around!

This house has been sill off and on over the past couple months. Gotta love how germs spread.

Because of this, my productivity I was supposed to have when the new year started dropped off mid-February. I should just start saying the new year, where projects are concerned, starts in spring instead of January 1st. It just makes more sense for productivity!

Anyhow, I’m back on task starting this week!

CeCe’s December 2015 Photoshoot

I intend to have at least some photos shareable as a teaser by the end of the weekend. Presently, this is all I’ve got. The others are better

Quantum Dreams Productions Podcasts

My plan is that I will not leave the weekend without the first episodse of Quantifiably Certifiable and Life With Thalia up on the website. I wanted to have two up by now, and a third each by the end of the month, but I’ll settle for two by the end of the month, and two by the end of next month.

Shannon and Don’s Wedding Site

Work starts Friday!

Camp NaNoWriMo and the Halaya Song Series

This is still happening in April. I’ve got calendar events for each day but the ones I’m in Ohio.

Sis and Neil’s First Anniversary Photoshoot

I’m going to talk details with her this week. Here’s hoping the weekend we are there in April works out! And some pony pictures!

Justin’s 5th Birthday Photoshoot

Tentatively scheduled for the end of April, as is Tina’s 2016 Photo Session. I just need to work out some details and get the stuff I need for the Superman costume!

All Things Comic…

…can soon be more than just words on a page! My new toy will be here soon…Either tomorrow or 5-7 business days…. * happy dance *

I’ve started an outline for Hera: Sisters of Fortune‘s first story. Getting excited!

Side note: I will also be starting a series called Lilo & Stitch: Space Cadets. I’ve got a basic idea, and started an outline for the first story. It’s going to have a couple cross-over characters, because I think it should, and it’s going to be awesome. I was thinking of just doing stories, but I decided it needs art, and being comic style wouldn’t hurt it….


My website is still missing some pages. I probably won’t get to them this weekend. But next week I plan to attack!

I might possibly have too many projects on my plate. But, I can juggle the more long term ones fairly easily, and what is life without aspiration?

Finished: Ziva’s Blog!

I’ve finally got the blogs looking well enough to show, including this one and Ziva’s!

Upcoming: Shannon’s Wedding Website!

I haven’t done a lot of work on it yet, but I am starting Shannon and Don ‘ s wedding website up again. I still need to get all kinds of info for it, including information on her party. Getting excited!

Hoping to have it done earlier than wedding advisory sites like to say. I’m thinking more along the lines of end of April having it up and fully functional. Give people something to look along while getting them their RSVP and links to registries all in one place now. Conventional timing is so overrated.

So far, we have finished their Save-the-Dates.

Upcoming: 1 Year Anniversary Photoshoot with Sis & Neil (Update)

Had to postpone this photo session. We were thinking about doing it Monday, but we ended up relaxing the day away before heading home instead. We’re looking into the idea of trying over Equine Affaire in April, but…maybe May when we go for Lathan’s birthday? I’d actually like to get some photos for Sis and Teri with their horse children during Equine Affaire…we’ll see if we can make that happen.

Hera: Sisters of Fortune Comics

I have started developing a comic series called Hera: Sisters of Fortune.

In the distant future, sixteen-year-old Eve McGee saved her half-sister, the princess Riley Davenport from the Gath during the massacre that is believed to have annihilated the royal family. Five years later, they’re space pirates in a sci-fi/steam-punk universe.

Keep checking back for more information it’s progress, and there will likely be concept sketches posted to Deviantart in the coming months.

Upcoming: 1 Year Anniversary Photoshoot with Sis & Neil

My sister’s first anniversary was this past December. This weekend, also her birthday weekend, is the first chance we will have to do a photoshoot. This will be my second shoot since getting back in the creative spirit, so…I’m a tad nervous. Then again, nervous is a part of life for those of us who have a bit more anxious of a personality….