Finished: Shannon’s Wedding Website

Finished: Ziva’s Blog!

I’ve finally got the blogs looking well enough to show, including this one and Ziva’s!

Upcoming: Shannon’s Wedding Website!

I haven’t done a lot of work on it yet, but I am starting Shannon and Don ‘ s wedding website up again. I still need to get all kinds of info for it, including information on her party. Getting excited!

Hoping to have it done earlier than wedding advisory sites like to say. I’m thinking more along the lines of end of April having it up and fully functional. Give people something to look along while getting them their RSVP and links to registries all in one place now. Conventional timing is so overrated.

So far, we have finished their Save-the-Dates.

Up and Running Themes/Skins!

As of now, I have a layout for all “personal” sites on our server! There are spread across three platforms, (regular/template toolkit, WordPress, and Mediawiki). I needed a decent amount of help from Lathan, but because of it I have a better understanding of Bootstrap and PHP/typical CMS tools used. This will help with working on the new school themes for when we upgrade to Moodle 3.

I still have details to do, especially on the blogs, and some ideas I want to implement on each of them, as well as a some key pages on Quantum Dreams Productions, and all three of our business sites. Lathan’s and The Bidwell Company have nothing but a layout going for them.

But, otherwise, I have a better understanding of these things, and I feel pretty confident about starting the new themes from scratch, as well as updating the syllabus plugin to a better version.

Work Makes Time For Theme Work

Kinda excited…while I work on fully designing Moodle 3.0 themes from scratch for the school, I get to play with my websites as a learning tool with bootstrap. Updates to come soon!