Up and Running Themes/Skins!

As of now, I have a layout for all “personal” sites on our server! There are spread across three platforms, (regular/template toolkit, WordPress, and Mediawiki). I needed a decent amount of help from Lathan, but because of it I have a better understanding of Bootstrap and PHP/typical CMS tools used. This will help with working on the new school themes for when we upgrade to Moodle 3.

I still have details to do, especially on the blogs, and some ideas I want to implement on each of them, as well as a some key pages on Quantum Dreams Productions, and all three of our business sites. Lathan’s and The Bidwell Company have nothing but a layout going for them.

But, otherwise, I have a better understanding of these things, and I feel pretty confident about starting the new themes from scratch, as well as updating the syllabus plugin to a better version.

Work Makes Time For Theme Work

Kinda excited…while I work on fully designing Moodle 3.0 themes from scratch for the school, I get to play with my websites as a learning tool with bootstrap. Updates to come soon!